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Further down this page is the detailed information about our visitation policy. We thought it appropriate to add this message to the top as many counties and communities now are lifting masking mandates.

We are putting the safety of our most vulnerable population first. Therefore, we have imposed strict guidelines to protect the health and safety of your loved ones. Even if you’ve met your local community criteria to discontinue isolation or quarantine, you cannot visit an AHC nursing home if…

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19

  • Have any COVID-19 symptoms or…

  • Have been recently exposed to anyone with COVID-19

We appreciate your help in following these important health and safety guidelines.


Our visitation policy:

Dear Residents, Patients and Families,

At American Health Communities, our highest priority is protecting the health and safety of those who live and work in our communities. At the same time, we understand it is important for our residents and patients to stay connected with loved ones through in-person visits.

We are now safely facilitating in-person visits in accordance with CMS guidelines found at Call your AHC community for details.

Visits can be conducted in resident rooms, dedicated visitation spaces, or outdoors, depending  on the facility’s structure and residents’ needs. Visitors, residents and their representatives should be aware visitation can increase the risk of COVID-19 infections and precautions will be required for anyone visiting a resident. However, if a visitor, resident, or their representative accepts the risks associated with visitation, and the visit occurs in a manner that does not place other residents at risk, a resident may receive visitors as he/she chooses. If a resident’s roommate is unvaccinated or immunocompromised (regardless of vaccination status), visits should not be conducted in the resident’s room, if possible.

There is no limit on the number of visitors that a resident can have at one time. However, facilities will ensure that physical distancing is maintained during peak visiting times (e.g., lunch time, after business hours, etc.). Also, facilities are limiting gatherings (e.g., parties, events) of large numbers of visitors in spaces where  physical distancing cannot be maintained. 
When visiting a resident, please adhere to these core principles:

  • Do not enter the facility if you have recently had a positive test for COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine. Facilities are screening all who enter for these visitation exclusions. 
  • Maintain good hand hygiene (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred). 
  • Wear a face covering or mask (covering mouth and nose) and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet between people, in accordance with CDC guidance. 
  • Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required.
  • Avoid moving about the facility unnecessarily.  Rather, go directly to the resident’s room or designated visiting area and remain there.
  • Take advantage of testing or vaccination opportunities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    • CMS encourages visitors to get COVID-19 vaccines as recommended by CDC.
    • CMS encourages visitors to take a COVID-19 test within 2-3 days before visiting a nursing home resident. 

AHC communities will remain vigilant in monitoring for positive cases among residents and staff members through appropriate screening and testing. We will provide updates about any modifications to our visitation policies on this page.

Greg Haynes                                                   Sonya Pusser
Vice President, Operations                             AVP of Clinical Operations
American Health Communities                       American Health Partners


Visitation Status

Latest update: Wednesday, November 17

OPEN for Visitation - Visitation is currently open. If you wish to visit with a loved one, please call your local AHC Community for an appointment and ask about any updates to the visitation policy or requirements for your visit.

LIMITED Visitation – Currently, there are limits on indoor visitation due to county positivity rates, local cases, vaccination rates, or space constraints. If you wish to visit with a loved one, please call your local AHC Community for an appointment and ask about any updates to the visitation policy or requirements for your visit.

Temporarily CLOSED for Indoor Visitation - If you wish to visit with a loved one outdoors, please call your local AHC Community for an appointment and ask about any updates to the visitation policy or requirements for your visit.

Community / County


Phone #

AHC Applingwood / Shelby Co. OPEN (901) 385-1803
AHC Bethesda / Putnam Co. OPEN (931) 525-6655
AHC Bright Glade / Shelby Co. OPEN (901) 682-5677
AHC Clarksville / Montgomery Co. OPEN (931) 552-3002
AHC Covington Care / Tipton Co. OPEN (901) 475-0027
AHC Crestview / Haywood Co. OPEN (731) 772-3356
AHC Cumberland / Davidson Co. OPEN (615) 726-0492
AHC Decatur County  / Decatur Co. OPEN (731) 847-6371
AHC Dyersburg / Dyer Co. OPEN (731) 286-1221
AHC Forest Cove / Madison Co. OPEN (731) 424-4200
AHC Harbor View / Shelby Co. OPEN (901) 272-2494
AHC Humboldt / Gibson Co. OPEN (731) 784-3655
AHC Lewis County / Lewis Co. OPEN (931) 796-3233
AHC Lexington / Henderson Co. OPEN (731) 968-2004
AHC McKenzie / Carroll Co. OPEN (731) 352-3908
AHC McNairy County / McNairy Co. OPEN (731) 645-3201
AHC Meadowbrook / Giles Co. OPEN (931) 363-7548
AHC Millenium / Madison Co. OPEN (256) 489-6800
AHC Mt. Juliet / Wilson Co. OPEN (615) 758-4100
AHC Northbrooke / Madison Co. OPEN (731) 664-5050
AHC Northside / Rutherford Co. OPEN (615) 849-8748
AHC Paris / Henry Co. OPEN (731) 642-2535
AHC Savannah / Hardin Co. OPEN (731) 926-4200
AHC Union City / Obion Co. OPEN (731) 885-8095
AHC VanAyer / Weakley Co. OPEN (731) 587-3193
AHC Vanco / Davidson Co. OPEN (615) 859-6600
AHC Waverly / Humphreys Co. OPEN (931) 296-7552
AHC WTTC / Madison Co. OPEN (731) 300-4800
AHC Westwood / Decatur Co. OPEN (731) 852-3591




















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